key4events has brought its Lead Retrieval system up to date


key4events has brought its Lead Retrieval system up to date.

In collaboration with a company in the health care sector, we have completely redesigned the solution so that it meets real requirements and constraints.  By harnessing new technology, using modern media and enhanced features, the solution has been transformed into a real value-added service for users.

State of the art

The main tool of sales representatives at conferences and exhibitions has always been their own collection of business cards of contacts/prospects, sometimes with a more or less complete sales lead forms.  This data, often captured after the event, is unfortunately usually done manually (loss of time re-entering it into a tool), with the risk of restranscribing handwriting errors.  Furthermore, the time before the leads are captured increases considerably given how busy sales reps can be when they return from the event, making it even less likely that this lead will be converted into real business.

key4events has chosen to provide a modern solution by fully enhancing the field tool to meet the initial objective of exhibitors at conferences or tradeshows so that it generates real business (or serious leads) from the contacts collected. The key4Lead solution is therefore positioned as a gateway for traditional CRM solutions.



  • mass or automated emailing of leads collected,
  • managing client profiles (sales reps, sales managers per range, per country, etc.),
  • dashboards of sales reps activities, no. of leads obtained, etc.,
  • export of data,

All the data captured on the smartphone or tablet are centralised on the same dedicated platform.

No need to hire scanners, clients can directly use their tablets or smartphones and download the application as soon as the key4events license has been purchased (per event or per subscription).

No need to connect to the Internet on your stand to save your leads! Internet is just required to synchronize data entered to the web platform. The sales team can simply focus on their job: selling, building awareness and transforming the leads.

 Towards a new marketing offering, adapted to clients’ needs:

Our traditional bar code reader has provided us with a real experience and know-how in the sector for more than 10 years. By capitalising on these sector knowledge and techniques we have been able to restructure a marketing offering adapted to different types of users.

Whether you want to register a simple lead, carry out more detailed and advanced qualification of leads obtained on your stand, or perhaps even track participants to your symposia and other conferences, key4lead will perfectly adapt to your needs.

Simply decide which key4lead solution you are going to choose for your next event.